Design Samples

Welcome to my design portfolio, featuring a handful of the graphic, print and Web designs I've done. Check out the thumbnail teasers and, if you'd like, click through to see the full designs.


It's Good to Play Together, by Vincent Civitillo

It's Good to Play Together
Playing off the slogan of Microsoft's X-Box gaming console, 'It's Good to Play Together,' this design features three versions of myself going at it in Halo, while a fourth looks on.


Light Speed, by Vincent Civitillo

Light Speed
Using Photoshop to blend and distort several shapes to create the illusion of light, I made this design as a desktop wallpaper.


Vader's Back, by Vincent Civitillo

Vader's Back!
My, admittedly, fanboy's love for all things Darth Vader led me to lay out this magazine-style spread for my review of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith using Adobe InDesign.


Sponsorship Booklet Cover, by Vincent Civitillo

Sponsorship Booklet Cover
I designed this cover for the 2011 edition of NJBIA's sponsorship opportunities booklet. To see the entire cover, click on the image thumbnail or the link above.


ReeGee's Logo, by Vincent Civitillo

ReeGee's Logo
This vector design is the logo for ReeGee's Gift Baskets & Embroidery, a Web-based company where you can order high-quality gifts with a personalized touch.


Promotional Postcard, by Vincent Civitillo

Promotional Postcard
This 5 x 7 inch postcard, commissioned by Association Business Solutions, was designed to promote a charity fundraiser to raise money for cystic fibrosis. It was also later tweaked and printed as an 8 x 10 inch flyer.


Snowman, by Vincent Civitillo

Isn't he adorable?! I made this snowman in Photoshop as part of an invitation for a company holiday party I helped to plan.


Newsletter Design, by Vincent Civitillo

County Clerk's Corner Newsletter
This 8.5 x 11 inch newsletter was designed for the Mercer County Clerk to update county residents on the services of the office.


Pieces of Me, by Vincent Civitillo

Pieces of Me
My friends are my life, and to show it, I constructed this montage that takes hundreds of pictures of them to make up one picture of me.


E-Newsletter Design, by Vincent Civitillo

E-Newsletter Design
My redesign of NJBIA's monthly e-mail newsletter to members utilizes a right-hand side bar to maximize space, horizontal rules and bulleted story headlines for easier scanability and CSS stylesheets to print cleaner and read easier on mobile phones.


Newspaper Page Design, by Vincent Civitillo

Newspaper Page Design
This modular layout, for the back page of The Rider News printed in October of 2003 and is sized at tabloid 11 x 17 inches. It uses Drop Shadow effects (as seen in the title bar) as well as text overlay effects (visible in the bottom headline), giving the bottom headline text a white stroke to be clearly visible over the picture.


NJPRO Report Design

NJPRO Research Report Design
The first of two complementing research reports I designed and laid out for the NJ Policy Research Organization, this two-color booklet was distributed to employers and legislators across the state. In addition, for the launch news conference, the cover was tweaked and blown up as a poster.


A Loss for Words, by Vincent Civitillo

A Loss for Words
This text mosaic was done as a test for a poster design I did of a similar nature. However, legal this, copyright that, I really can't post or link to the final product. Oh well, you can enjoy this all the same.


Synchronicity, by Vincent Civitillo

This design, created in Photoshop (mostly using the 3D Render tool), is an abstract, so feel free to see whatever you interpret it to be, but if you ask me, I think it looks a lot like a bat.


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